Which Animal Lives the Longest?

Ever wondered which animal lives the longest? Well, there is no definitive answer, but there are some species that have been known to live longer than a century, including swans, elephants, and parrots. Listed below are the top 5 longest-living animals. Read on to find out which species live the longest! But be warned: they might not be the most attractive pets. There are plenty of animals that live for only a few decades.

The bowhead whale, also known as the Arctic whale, is believed to live for 200 years. There is one known specimen that has reached the age of 211. This incredible animal is believed to have the ERCC1 gene, which repairs damaged DNA. These creatures are thought to be immune to terrible diseases, such as leukemia. They can grow up to 60 feet tall (18.3 m) long and weigh as much as two hundred thousand pounds. They live for as long as a century or two, and are some of the biggest and heaviest animals on Earth.

There are a variety of problems with the measurement of age, including the definition and interpretation issues. Age measurement is notoriously difficult, especially in organisms that reproduce asexually. Nonetheless, these are approximate figures, based on observed growth rates. The individuality of each organism is also a problem, as many asexual organisms defy colloquium definitions of individuality. Individuality involves a unique genotype and an independent body.

Cockatoos belong to the parrot family. They typically live for sixty years, but some species have lived for over a century. Using his/her natural habitat, Fred, a cockatoo in Tasmania, would be 104 years old today. Another cockatoo, called “Cocky Bennett,” lived to a ripe old age of 120. Unfortunately, it is highly endangered species and is threatening the future of the continent.

Macaws, which are part of the parrot family, are another bird with a long life span. These beautiful birds can live between 60 and eighty years when they are kept in a good environment. Sadly, they are endangered in the wild due to habitat degradation and the illegal pet trade. Fortunately, there are some ways to save these magnificent birds. One of them is to adopt one, and you might even find yourself living with a pet that’s more than one hundred years old.

One of the most impressive animals to live more than a century is the ocean quahog, or Arctica Islandica. This bivalve mollusk can live over 400 years, making it one of the longest-living marine animals around. In 2006, Ming the clam was discovered off the Icelandic coast. It was born in 1499, which means it lived during the time of the Ming Chinese dynasty!

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