Power Of Genetics


Whether we care to admit it or not, our DNA plays an essential role in our lives, defining much of our appearance and part of our character and tendencies. And though our genes are all drastically different, with no two people having the same DNA, some people turn out to be shockingly similar, while others stand out from the crowd. 

These are some cases in which the astonishing power of genes is too strong to go unnoticed.

My Father Passed Away When I Was 4, But People Always Told Me I Looked Like Him.


The tragic story of these two young men is made even more bittersweet when their similarities are so painstakingly obvious. Many people inherit their looks from their parents, but this is undoubtedly an extreme case. They also both share another incredibly rare genetic trait: A perfect hairstyle.

An Incredibly Wholesome Redheaded Family.

Red hair isn’t such a familiar sight. Given that it’s a recessive gene, it’s also getting rarer. This picture of an extraordinarily photogenic family of redheads is so darn cool. Also, they all matched their outfits and color-coded before taking this photograph, or they all sense a sense of fashion.

The Rare Patterns Of An Albino Zebra.

Albinism isn’t reserved only for ; animals can have it too. This albino zebra exhibits a rare trait: Instead of the usual black and white patterns that have become synonymous with zebras, the discoloration caused by albinism has turned his black stripes into a chocolatey light-brown.

My Mother And I, Both At Age 25.

It’s incredible how much effort we put in not to become our parents, only to have their habits and mannerisms sneak up on us from behind. These women, however, have taken genetic inheritance to another level: It is tough to believe that they aren’t the same person.

I Have A Single Line Across My Palm.

Though subtle, this rare genetic trait is certainly visually appealing. It seemingly carves a divide between the palm’s top and bottom halves like a permanent fingerless glove. This condition is called “single transverse palmar crease” and is found in 1.5% of the general population is at least one hand. This means that many of us may know someone with this extraordinary trait.


This Elegant Model Has Albinism.

Albinism is a low condition that causes the skin, hair, and in some cases, even the eyes to have little or no color. The odds of developing albinism are, according to the National Organization for Albinism, approximately 1 in 18,000. This woman wears her unique genetic disposition as a badge of honor, unapologetically being herself. For that, we commend her.

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The Child With The Mystical Eyes (Waardenburg Syndrome).

Waardenburg syndrome is a term for rare genetic conditions that include hearing loss and eye and skin color variations. The internet went crazy over this handsome young man and his singular looks, characteristic of Waardenburg syndrome.


Ginger Hair And Heterochromia.

Heterochromia is rare, but heterochromia combined with the increasingly short ginger hair? Yeah, that’s as rare as rare gets. This woman’s appearance is beautiful and, almost literally, one of a kind—definitely a case of standing out for the better.

Cats Was Born With Four Ears.

The cat also has two other notable characteristics that make him even more irresistible cute: inaudible purrs and an obsession with bread. Yoda’s genetic makeup is so unique that it is almost unprecedented. Thankfully, his condition does not harm him: It isn’t dangerous, and his hearing is in proper working order.

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My Boyfriend Has Freckles On Only Half His Face.

This man’s rare freckle pattern is a case of incredibly rare genetics. An explanation for this phenomenon may be found if we change the way we look at it: This one-sided freckle pattern may be more of a rare birthmark than an actual freckle pattern, which explains how just one-half of this man’s face is freckled.

Albino Lion.

This lion was not raised in the North Pole; he has albinism. Although his snowy fur is truly a sight to behold, and while he looks adorable, he’s still the jungle king, which means that he shouldn’t be taken lightly. On the other hand, look at him yawning; he’s so cute!


Large Thumb.

In August 2019, a similar case of a person with an enlarged thumb went viral on the widely popular TikTok app. In the video, the twenty-year-old Jacob Pina showcased his lengthy thumb explaining that “yes, it’s real.” He also stated that he had “never lost a thumb battle” and “it’s always great to be different and embrace your essence.” More actual words have never been spoken.

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Symmetrical Hair Whorls Create A Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

Hair whorls are patches of hair growing in a circular direction around a center point. Every head of hair has one, but this remarkable guy has two, whose specific structure makes his hair grow into a genuine mohawk-like hairstyle. In other terms, this guy was born to be punk.


Mother And Daughter With Poliosis A Condition Causing White On Hair

This incredibly rare genetic trait was inherited from mother to daughter, resulting in them sharing an extraordinarily unique and endearing hair dew. Poliosis is caused by the decreased amount of melanin in a given area, in this case, the hair, and is also often known as a “Mallen Streak.”

Two Entirely Different Pupils.

This woman’s condition is called Anisocoria, which results in two different sized pupils. Often, Anisocoria also appears to change the color of the affected eyes, but this is just an illusion.

This unique genetic condition was probably passed down to her by her family, who also may have lived with one pupil being more prominent than the other. It’s not very likely that you’ll come across a person with such different pupils like these in your basic day-to-day life.

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SISTERS? More like mother and daughter

We’re actually not sure we can tell which one of them is the mother and which one’s the daughter. Another case of people’s looks not only standing the test of time but completely acing it, too. We’re also pretty sure that the daughter’s happy to have inherited her mother’s eternally young genes.


This person has a condition known as segmental heterochromia in the form of two different patches of color in her eye. The condition is a specific type of heterochromia in which an iris is split into two segments of color, as opposed to heterochromia iridium, in which two irises bear different colors.

“On the left, my aunt in 1972. on the right, me”

The resemblance is uncanny. The original poster of this image also stated that “as a kid, I was truly convinced that it was me in the photo, but I had no memory of the event.” Who could even blame her for recognizing herself in the image of her incredibly similar aunt? Not us, that’s for sure.

The toothy smile of Snowflake, the World’s only albino gorilla

Snowflake is the world’s only known albino gorilla. Born in 1964, he was kept in the Barcelona Zoo in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Of all six of Snowflake’s surviving offspring, none of them inherited his albinism, although they do carry the recessive albino gene, meaning that there’s a small chance of them birthing another albino gorilla.

the DNA game is strong: mom’s genetics are overwhelming

Despite being a recessive trait, all the children in this family had somehow inherited their mother’s ginger hair. Their stunning red hair serves as a permanent reminder of their bond as a family. Though we do feel for the dad, who looks slightly left out, there’s always bound to be a loser in the game of genetics. Besides, we’re sure the next generation will take after him.


Sometimes nature just messes around and gives you an extra fang; all the better to eat canned tuna with, you know? This cat is one feline you wouldn’t want to mess with. Anybody who owns a cat will tell you that their bites really hurt sometimes. Add an extra fang to the equation and you’re dealing with a serious threat to your day.

side by side edit of grandmother and granddaughter

This modified photo of a woman and her grandmother shows us how genetically similar to our grandparents we truly are. This also goes to show the role of culture in our lives: Two people who seem so alike probably lived extremely different lives, with different values and different preferences.

“Today I learned my eye’s birthmark is heart-shaped”

Birthmarks come in all shapes and sizes, most of them, however, bear no particular significance to us at all. So a heart-shaped birthmark is rare enough. But having a heart-shaped birthmark on the sclera (the white part of the eye)? That isn’t just rare. That’s incredibly cool, too.

The incredible resemblance of a mother and her daughter

Familial ties run deep. Real deep. People don’t usually think that mother nature rolls this way, but she really does. This mother must have been absolutely astonished to see herself in the image of her toddler daughter. You know what they say, the apple never falls far from the tree.

“I Can grab things backwards”

This person may or may not be the chosen one. We’re not sure how this particular trick is of any use to its holder, other than being an incredible ice-breaker, of course, but we’re sure glad that he chose to share his extraordinary talent on the internet. This makes us feel just a tiny bit less unique than we’d like to be.

Both are 29 with a 2-week-old son

Like father, like son. These two young gentlemen not only look incredibly alike while rocking that timeless Mickey Mouse T-shirt, but they also had a similar lifestyle, seeing as they both came to father a child at the age of twenty-nine. This twofold coincidence is actually quite incredible.

Just an albino penguin

He is absolutely adorable. Not only that, but his camouflage is probably superior to all his other black-coated brethren. Going by his satisfied expression, it seems as though his uniquely singular looks haven’t caused his brothers to shun him, which is not only heartwarming but also inspiring.

the incredibly rare spiky chicken

Not all chickens look the same. This fabulous spiky chicken is a mix between a few breeds of chicken, resulting in its incredibly singular and unique looks: His spiky-yet-fluffy feathers, his narrow eyes, and strikingly red beak, they’re all undoubtedly his own. And boy are they atypical.

Mother and daughter’s senior portrait, side-by-side

The resemblance between this mother-daughter combination on their senior year of high school is just uncanny. It looks as though they were both rocking the exact same hairstyle, too.



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