Double Trouble: Olsen Twins’ Complicated Relationship With the Spotlight


Why Uncle Jessie Got the Twins Fired

John Stamos played the most loving character ever on “Full House,” but when the cameras stopped rolling, he said he wanted those crying babies out of there. The twins got the job at nine months, so they can hardly be blamed for becoming fussy at work.

He complained that shooting was very difficult with small children around, the workday dragged on, take after take. Stamos demanded the network get rid of them and it did! The studio brought in new babies, a couple of redheads, but they didn’t work out either. In the end, Stamos agreed the Olsen twins could come back.


All Work and No Play

Mary-Kate and Ashley took turns squeezing in homework assignments backstage. The “Full House” actresses headlined 36 direct-to-VHS movies from age six to adulthood. The adventure-filled movies featuring playful capers of the twins were adored by girls under 12.

At 6, they became Hollywood’s youngest-ever movie producers, and by 18, they were named co-presidents of their own production company. When they hit adulthood, they began retreating from fame, so much so, that today, neither has a social media presence.

Little Monkey Performers

In a highly publicized interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Mary-Kate went so far as to characterize their stint as childhood stars as “little monkey performers.”

She explained that when she looks back, she doesn’t feel connected to the photos of herself. The twin said that they performed their act perfectly, but it was not a part of who she would become. Their fame as childhood actresses was phenomenal and she’s happy to be rid of it.

Backstage at ‘Full House’

The reason “Full House” cast the Olsen babies was not only because they were super cute, but because they were twins. Also, they passed the cry test. Show producers held the babies and they didn’t start crying so they were hired.

In show business, babies are only allowed to work 20 minutes at a time, therefore, a set of twins allows for double the work time. On the other hand, bringing a couple of babies onto the set did not work at all for John Stamos, whose star power generated much of the show’s popularity.

Why Uncle Jessie Got the Twins Fired

John Stamos played the most loving character ever on “Full House,” but when the cameras stopped rolling, he said he wanted those crying babies out of there. The twins got the job at nine months, so they can hardly be blamed for becoming fussy at work.

He complained that shooting was very difficult with small children around, the workday dragged on, take after take. Stamos demanded the network get rid of them and it did! The studio brought in new babies, a couple of redheads, but they didn’t work out either. In the end, Stamos agreed the Olsen twins could come back.

The Twins Had to Wear Dentures

As Mary-Kate and Ashley grew into toddlers they began doing big kid stuff like losing teeth. For the first time, their smile betrayed the difference between the two. The fraternal twins lost their front teeth at different times.

In order to keep the continuity of Michelle’s appearance on the popular sitcom, costuming took up the bold idea of fitting them with fake teeth.

Gummy Bear Bribes

When the twins were toddlers, the amount they were being paid per episode was not an incentive to perform, but candy was. They could be difficult, due to their age, and very stubborn when they didn’t feel like saying a line.

Speaking to “Oprah: Where Are They Now,” Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) said that red gummy bears worked every single time. They would take their bribe and then whip out one of their comedic catchphrases: “OK, you got it, dude.”

Capitalizing on Their ‘Full House’ Fame

The twins’ father, Dave Olsen, hired a lawyer to manage the girls’ careers. The first thing the lawyer, Robert Thorne, did was to negotiate their pay at “Full House.” He managed to take their salary of $4,000 per episode to $25,000.

When they were in first grade, Thorne negotiated their first TV movie, “It Takes Two.” From then, he launched a production company in their names, making the six-year-olds the youngest-ever Hollywood producers. The production company kept them booked. They starred in direct-to-VHS movies like “Passport to Paris,” “Winning London,” “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “New York Minute,” plus dozens of others.

Dualstar Entertainment Group

The production company that Thorne set up became the springboard for all of the Olsen twins’ products. At age 18, they were named co-presidents of the production company. They turned it into a fashion empire as they grew away from acting and toward the fashion industry.

Thorne set up the company so the twins would have ultimate control. In the contract, the Olsen girls could veto any of Thorne’s creative ideas. Between the twins’ massive fame that their adorable “Full House” character generated and their lawyer’s wrangling, they were named 11th richest women by Forbes magazine by 2007.

The Right to Veto

Mary-Kate and Ashley were overworked. Zipping from locale to locale to make movies also took them away from friends at home. They filmed on location in places like Rome, Hawaii, New York City, and Paris.

Back stateside, Robert Thorne once had them scheduled to do interviews when they had a school paper due. In a 2000 interview, Ashley complained about it. He had them scheduled for 12 interviews in one day. She said, “Twelve is too many, Robert.” But the girls performed, dutifully making each appointment and, presumably, getting the schoolwork done too.

It Was Hard Work

“Full House” ended in 1995, but these two just got busier. “I look back at the things that we did and the clothes that we wore, and I think, ‘Wow, we really were troupers.’ It was almost like I was in the army. School, work, homework, fly to New York, get in at 2 in the morning, do a morning show at 5 am, then another one at 7, then a radio interview at 10, you know?” It was a lot.

Ashley also told Maire Claire that she was grateful. “That’s why I look at Britney, and I’m surprised I didn’t end up like her.”

The Olsen Brother and the Autographed Photos

He goes by Trent, his middle name, but his actual name is James Olsen (pictured here on the right). As a kid, he was known around campus for selling autographed copies of his twin sisters. According to a classmate, everyone bought one.

He’s the only sibling who did not start an acting career, though he was cast for a show when he was 6, his parents said no. Mary-Kate and Ashley expressed brotherly love by naming one of their designer labels after him. Sisterly love. The fashion brand Elizabeth and James refers to both of their siblings.

A Star on the Walk of Fame

The Olsen twins were honored with a Walk of Fame star when they were 18. The glitzy distinction broke two records. It made them the first set of twins to ever receive a star on Hollywood’s star-studded sidewalk.

They also broke the record for being the youngest recipients. Previously, singer Jimmy Boyd was the youngest Walk of Fame recipient at age 20. The induction ceremony for Mary-Kate and Ashley took place on April 29, 2004. Siblings Trent and Elizabeth were by their side for the momentous event.

Elizabeth Olsen is a Star in her Own Right

Little sis Elizabeth is two years younger than the twins. When she got into acting, she lived in the shadow of the super famous twins. She stepped back for a few years to escape the limelight during her teens, working on her craft and taking acting classes.

When she returned to Hollywood, Elizabeth Olsen became more successful as an actress than both of her sisters put together. Film festivals began awarding her prizes in 2011. Now she’s a Marvel star, known to MCU fans as Wanda Maximoff, aka, Scarlet Witch.


When the twins were nine years old, their parents divorced. It was hard on them, but the busy actresses have said it wasn’t that bad. “We had so many people that loved us that we were like, ‘That’s okay. Things will be better this way.”

The fame of the daughters, however, may have been the factor that led to the breakup. Their dad, David, was the one who hired Thorne, while their mother, Jarnette Olsen, often wanted to protect them from the spotlight and let them be normal kids. Their father married McKenzie, his former secretary a month after the divorce.

The ‘New York Minute’ Flop

The final movie the twins starred in was “New York Minute” (2004). It served as a turning point. It was the last of the long line of titles, and it was only the second film that went to movie theaters.

“It Takes Two” (1995) also did poorly in theaters but made up for it with video sales. “New York Minute,” however, pulled in a lackluster $21 million, not covering its $30 million budget. It was a critical and financial failure, and one of their few professional disappointments. It marked a shift in direction toward the fashion industry.

Leaving Acting Behind

The 2004 flop left a mark that effectively ended their acting careers. Officially, the twins retired in 2014, with a statement announcing they were done with acting.

Mary-Kate Olsen gave a solo career one more shot in “Beastly” (2011). The movie did not do very well, and she felt like giving up acting was the right move to make. She said that if she ever did go back to showbiz, she would have more of a behind-the-scenes role, definitely not as an actress.

Getting Richer

The production company set up by Robert Thorne was extremely profitable. So was his bargaining power. He first got them $25,000 per episode price at “Full House,” but later locked them into an $80,000 contract.

All of the dozens of movies they made were fully owned by Dualstar Entertainment. This meant that when Warner Bros. distributed a movie, they had to purchase it from the girls’ production company. The twins’ product lines, also under Dualstar, were very lucrative. By 2018, their clothesline brands were raking in a billion dollars per year. In 2018, Newsweek named them “Next Billionaires” to watch.

Off to College

The girls had always wanted to go to New York University. With the lull in popularity of their movies coinciding with finishing high school, it was the perfect time to go to college and have a chance to be like normal kids. Kind of.

They rented a spacious Brownstone home equipped with a security entourage, drove matching Range Rovers, and enrolled at NYU. It didn’t take long for them to be recognized. And then they had to deal with fellow students sneaking photos of them and selling them off to the paparazzi. After two years, they gave up.

Safety First

At NYU, students not only sold them out to tabloids but some earned class credit for those photos and anecdotes. Ashley said she had classes she could not even attend because of all the people trying to take photos. She did not feel safe.

Ashley told the NYT, “I am reacting as a woman who is 5-foot-1 whose space is being invaded by a bunch of men whose aggression I can literally feel.” Seeing cameras freaked her out, and there was nowhere on campus where she felt safe. It began making more sense to drop out and focus on their careers.

The Tabloid Media was Relentless

By 2012, the girls retired from acting altogether. As young teenagers, both were not comfortable being photographed in a miniskirt, yet the paparazzi took a bikini shot stolen from a Hawaiian vacation spot.

Caught frolicking on the beach, photos of Ashley plastered magazine pages. Ashley said it was her worst nightmare, “I was crying hysterically.” They lived in fear of the paparazzi. As an adult, MK shared with Marie Claire, “I would never wish my upbringing on anyone … but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.”

What Does Brody Jenner Have to Do With It?

In a 2007 article about Brody Jenner, his then-BFF Spencer Pratt let some information slip. He talked about how Brody had taken a picture of MK and sold it to a tabloid for $50,000.

The image from a high school party catches the then-underage Olsen sister drinking. They were all attending a private high school in Santa Monica at the time. Years later, MK called him out on Letterman and the host excoriated Jenner, calling him wormy and oily.

If Only It Was Just the Tabloid Press…

Mainstream network news reporter Connie Chung interviewed the twins after The Hollywood Reporter named them one of the 100 most powerful women in Hollywood. They were 15 at the time. By the time they sat down for the interview with Chung, they were a year older.

Chung pressed them for details about their love lives and intimate relationships. Ashley said, “I was like, ‘That’s personal. Why would you be asking a sixteen-year-old that question in the first place?’” Apparently, Howard Stern had also been guilty of treating them similarly two years prior.

Even Oprah Was Insensitive

This is so counterintuitive it’s hard to believe until you see it. The twins joined Oprah Winfrey on her show in 2004. She asked them about mental health rumors with the dismissive prompt, “It has really upset you, right?”

They responded by saying they try to avoid watching and reading what the press writes about them. Then, shockingly, Oprah asked what size they wear. The number they came up with was far less significant than the famous talk show host’s response, laughing away what they faced. Definitely not the right way to treat your guests.

The Paparazzi Couldn’t Get Enough

Paparazzi can get hundreds of thousands of dollars for one shot. But here’s the thing. Despite what they told Oprah, Mary-Kate was really suffering from mental health issues, likely brought about by an exploitative press.

Those bikini photographs not only crossed a boundary she set but being subject to the fear of the paparazzi catching her image less than perfectly fit brought on the anxiety that led to the problem.

Staying Thin Backfired

The press hounded her with those very rumors Oprah asked about. Mary-Kate denied it all, and at one point, the twins even joked about it. The pair was uber aware of media and perceptions.

When their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen broke into the acting world in the Marvel universe, they advised her to be careful, “It’s all part of how you hope someone interprets you, and how they frame who you are and the work you do.” MK was able to hide her unhealthy obsession with weight-loss obsession from people who worked closely with her, but eventually, it blew up.

Jimmy Fallon Asks Ashley to Senior Prom on SNL

The famous teens could have gone to their high school prom, it’s true. Instead, though, they were booked to host Saturday Night Live. What a scheduling conflict! Twenty-first-century problems, right?

In the opening monologue, Ashley laments that they are missing out on dressing up, getting hair and nails done, and riding in a limo. To cheer her up, Jimmy Fallon, decked out in a fancy tux, asks Ashley to prom.

Laughing It Off

In a highly ironic SNL skit, Mary-Kate and Ashley play paparazzi. They are shooting a red-carpet event and shouting comments at the various celebs as they walk by.

There’s Angelina Jolie, then Courtney Love, and, finally, the Olsen twins arrive. Mary-Kate shouts out, “Mary-Kate, you’re too skinny, eat a sandwich!” Just weeks later, irony took a dark turn as she was forced into a treatment center for the exact thing the joke was insinuating.

The Awkward Countdown Clock

As if the twins’ anxiety about media portrayals wasn’t bad enough, there was also the creepy countdown clock. It started showing up all over the internet and media, ticking down to their 18th birthday.

When kids turn 18, they think about things like getting to vote or perhaps picking up a pack of cigarettes. But when the attractive and wealthy Olsen stars were ready to reach adulthood, countdown clocks ticked away to the time the twins would be “legal.” This excitement for the girls to reach the age of consent was fueled for years by crass media objectification.

The Twins Scorn the Spotlight

The bright lights of international fame weighed heavy on the pair who say they prefer to be discreet. Elle magazine article, “Every Time The Olsen Twins Have Spoken In Public Over the Past Decade,” is a short read. It includes two visits to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and special appearances for The Row.

Despite their love of fashion — the two who refused to show their midriff as teens — retired from acting and became recluses. Dealing with fame led them to hate it. One can only imagine how creepy and awkward the ubiquitous countdown clock felt to them.

Michelle Was Away from “Fuller House”

In 2016, the entire former cast of “Full House” appeared on the show’s Netflix reboot, “Fuller House.” The twins, who don’t really like acting said they couldn’t fit a weekly TV series into their schedules.

In one episode, “Fuller House” characters break the fourth wall gazing into the camera after someone said that Michelle is not there because she’s too busy running her fashion empire in the big city. Dave Coulier was understanding. The Uncle Joey actor talked about how the girls were just young children during those years, so they don’t share the same memories as the rest of the cast.

Staying Sheltered

Don’t bother looking for an Olsen twin Instagram page. Neither have nor want a social media account. They chose not to dive into that world after enduring an entire childhood in front of flashing cameras.

“We’re discreet people,” Mary-Kate shared in one of their rare magazine interviews. Referring to their celebrity status, she reflects, “I don’t think anybody should have to live that way.” Popstars of that generation, like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, were haunted. Their exploitative media mauling was obviously not missed by MK.

There Exists Exactly One Selfie of the Pair

It happened on Instagram in 2016 when Mary-Kate and Ashley crashed Sephora’s page to promote their product. With the caption, “First public selfie ever,” they’re pictured in black and white photography wearing Blues Brothers-like shades.

Taking over the Sephora page for a day, the fashionistas introduced Nirvana, which was the first fragrance of their Elizabeth and James collection. Their selfie racked up 65K likes in one day as the #SephoraTakeover event had people buzzing with excitement.

Dreams Come True

Mary-Kate and Ashley showed up on girlfriend Ashley Benson’s Instagram page in a rare birthday video.

The twins shared the affectionate greeting with her on her birthday, and then the “Pretty Little Liars” actress posted it on her page in 2019. It was her 30th, and the twins, 33, sent their love saying they couldn’t wait to see her. Ashley Benson titled the post, “Dreams do come true.”


The girls have been asked many times about twin telepathy. During interviews, they nod their heads in unison and mirror each other’s hand gestures. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she tested their twintuition by quizzing each twin about the other’s thoughts.

The fraternal twins have talked about experiencing shared memories and shared pain, saying sometimes they do not always recall what happened to whom. For instance, one was stung by a bee but they both felt it so they can’t remember which twin was actually stung.

Twin Facts

Mary-Kate and Ashley have played identical twins in movies and were cast as twins to play Michelle, but despite what people might have thought, the two are not identical twins.

People commonly made that mistake when the twins were younger. In interviews, Ashley has pointed out she use to have a freckle on her face, but it went away. Ashley is one inch taller than MK and she is two minutes older. Also, MK is left-handed, and Ashley is right-handed.

MK Was Diagnosed as a Child

Another difference between Ashley and Mary-Kate is that one has ADD and the other does not. MK was discovered to have been struggling with the learning challenge when she was a child. The condition is characterized by an inability to concentrate and having trouble focusing.

She was treated and was surprisingly very open about it. At NYU she talked about how she was able to get extra time for testing. Mary-Kate described the issue by saying everybody’s brain works differently and hers takes a little longer to register.

Ashley Contracted Lyme Disease

This is not an inherited condition, so it could have happened to either sister. Lyme disease is caused by tick bites and is usually treatable. Ashley, however, did not realize she had contracted it for years.

Since it went undetected, she still suffers some symptoms like severe headaches, joint pain, rashes, and low energy. Another celebrity who has this disease is Avril Lavigne. The pop singer came out about it around the time Ashley shared the news.

Only One Twin Got an Emmy Nod

In the ABC Family series “So Little Time” both starred. Ashley played Chloe and Mary-Kate played Riley Carlson, a shy bookish girl. The Daytime Emmys preferred MK’s role, apparently, as the nomination went to MK. The series ran just one season.

The biggest winner of Emmy nods in the Olsen family goes to Elizabeth. “WandaVision” was nominated for 23 Primetime Emmys. Her role as Wanda was nominated for best lead actress, but the honor ended up going to Kate Winslet.

Do They Fight?

Yes! Mary-Kate and Ashley have always been tight. They finish each other’s sentences and adore each other. But there is one area that triggers conflict. The fashionistas have shared clothing since day one, of course, wearing matching or complementing outfits all the time.

According to the twins, sharing clothes can get complicated and messy. One might hide a garment from the other — a fight waiting to happen. If they walk out wearing the exact same thing, one must change, and that often erupts into a fight. They said it is the only thing that really causes a quarrel.

Fashion as a True Calling

The twins debuted in the fashion world as the faces of Badgley Mischka in 2006. From there, they were launched into the high fashion universe as designers. Their interest in the field stretches back to their shared wardrobe on “Full House.” It was the twins’ costume designer who first noticed fans were very interested in where the girls got their clothes. Thorne decided to open up a fashion line in Dualstar Entertainment.

Adding a fashion line to their plate was something they enjoyed doing together, and it felt like it was something creative they created on their own, as opposed to being ‘monkey performers.’

The Row

The twins’ first label was The Row, an upscale fashion-chic look. Named after London’s Savile Row which houses world-renowned fashion tailors discerning women buy their pricey fashions.

The twins did not put their personal brand in front of it. “We didn’t necessarily even want to let people know it was us,” according to Ashley. It was all about the product, they went so far as to try and have someone else represent The Row so they could avoid that spotlight. The label is all about refined tailoring, minimalist styles, and wearable comfort.

High-End Fashion

At The Row, the product is at the very top of the line. It all started because the twins wanted to design the perfect white t-shirt. Garments are a work of perfection. Tailoring is sublime, something the girls looked for all those years in costuming.

The Row is their ideal clothier. Accessories are also divine at The Row. The Row alligator backpack is legendary. The $39,000 bag with gold fasteners has been spotted in NYC, toted by none other than Ashley. It went like hotcakes at its 2011 debut. The lowest-priced items in the accessory line go for about $4,700.

The Kids Row

The latest luxury line from The Row caters to children. For the first time, upscale trends for little ones were unveiled. Sweaters, comfy pants, belted cardigans, and colorful cashmere pieces are part of the Kids Collection.

It is costly to be this stylish. A pair of pants hits $600 on the price tag. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the new line is that the collection is not gendered. The savvy designer sisters said that gender-free clothing was a priority from the start.

Fashion For All

The Elizabeth and James brand is another line the twins’ company operates. It launched a year after The Row. These styles remind us of the girls’ playful and hip fashions of bygone days. It offers cool, contemporary, and edgy looks with lots of accessorizing options like bulky sunglasses, trendy bags, and fashion jewelry.

The brand launched at low-cost stores like Walmart and JC Penny. It also partnered with Khol’s, which gained an exclusive contract in 2018.

PETA and the Olsen Twins

The organization hates them so much they made a 6-minute video satire called “Full House of Horrors.” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have a problem with the twins’ fashion lines. Especially those items made of fur.

PETA calls the sisters’ brands “nauseating, pesky, and terrible.” It’s personal. They call it a “sick fur habit.” The group says real fur should never be used when fabulous fake furs are available. Honestly, they make a good point.

Mary-Kate the Equestrian

Both of the twins learned to ride horses as 6-year-olds playing Michelle Tanner who picked up the hobby. Mary-Kate kept up with it. She loves horses. She rode all through high school and lamented she had to take a break from it while at NYU.

By 2021, she was still at it and placing third at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Rome. A horse named Dunotaire V. took her to the finish line, and, according to BestLife, she has been riding him for years. The same horse ranked 7th out of 40 riders in Wellington, Florida in 2018.

Mary-Kate and Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate married French financier Olivier Sarkozy who is brother to the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. They made their union official in 2015 at a quiet wedding in New York City with about 50 guests.

A private MK did not share the news publicly until two years later. After five years, the relationship flared up and their divorce went through in May of 2020. An age difference of 17 years was between them, he was 50 and she was 33 at the time of the divorce.

Mary-Kate and Heath Ledger Were Dating

But the news did not get out until after the untimely death of the Australian actor. Heath Ledger had just finished his role as Joker, the clown prince of crime in “The Dark Knight” but he was dead before the movie hit theaters. Mary-Kate was linked with the tragedy.

In 2008, Ledger was found unresponsive by his masseuse. The first person she called was MK who had her personal security sent to Heath’s Soho apartment in Manhattan. Ledger was 28 at the time and they were secretly dating.

Ashley’s Dating Life Is Low Key

While her sister has been entangled in relationship drama, Ashley has a relatively subdued dating life. She was linked with David Schulte, president of The Row, Lance Armstrong, and Justin Bartha, who she dated for three years.

Since 2017, it’s been smooth sailing for Ashley and her boyfriend artist Louis Eisner. Engagement rumors popped up in 2019. In September 2021, the fashion maven stepped out onto the red carpet with Eisner at the 20th Yes Anniversary Celebration in Beverly Hills. It was the couple’s debut red carpet event, the first Ashley graced in almost two years.

Ready in the Dark

You know how everyone has their own little habit? Well, a few years ago Ashley Olsen told Elle Magazine that she has a habit of picking her own skin. This wasn’t something she was proud of but she just couldn’t help it. She said that as the habit was there to stay she gets dressed with the lights off so she’s not tempted to look at her skin.

As always, things tend to happen in their extreme version when it comes to the Olsen family. Even the process of getting dressed is done in a way no one would expect.

They Work Hard for Their Money

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are rich. They are filthy rich. They are so rich they don’t really have to work for another day in their lives and their children could also probably live their days without a day of labor. The twins were ranked the eleventh richest woman in the world. They have a combined wealth of over $500 million. The twins have five brands to their name (2022) and their acting career still contributes to their fortune.

One amazing fact we can share with you is that their monthly income is over $3 million. Their annual income adds up to $41 million and their fashion business continues to grow.

The Big Rock

Although Mary-Kate and Olivier Sarkozy have already divorced, there is one piece of information related to their marriage we can’t ignore. Sarkozy proposed to her with a Cartier Vintage ring worth more than $80,000. This looks nothing like a traditional ring used to ask your sweetheart to love you for eternity.

Truly gobsmacking, the ring features a 4 carats center stone and the whole thing is set in a sapphire halo. Some may say it resembles a doorknob and some may think Mary-Kate should have been careful not to lose her balance wearing it, but with all that, we wouldn’t mind popping an eye out with it.

A Bit of Culture Won’t Hurt Anyone

How on earth did the world live without an entire museum dedicated to the Olsen twins? A 2016 art exhibition covered the milestones the twins went through from the early days of “Full House” until the current days of paparazzi pursuit.

It focused mainly on their fashion evolution over the years and in a cynical way how the twins used fashion items and accessories to hide away from the public eye. Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen were responsible for this show and had to raise money from the public to bring the exhibition to life.

Blond or Brunette?

Even though Ashley and Mary-Kate are not considered biologically identical twins they look so much alike that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart at first glance. During their younger years, they both kept their original blond wavy hair but as they grew older and reached their teens they found it important to have their own identity and found an original way to defer one from the other.

Mary-Kate went as a brunette for a few years which made it easy to tell the two apart. Today they are both beautifully blonde and have left the brown roots behind.

Online Shopping? No, Thanks

The whole world has progressed to online shopping and we have all become best friends with the DHL people. However, not everyone is computer literate and some still prefer shopping the old fashion way and actually going into stores. Mary-Kate had admitted that she has to feel the fabric and touch the seams.

She has to see what she is buying (even though the return policies are very flexible these days). As a fashion designer and as someone who practically lives for the business we can understand why she can’t loosen up and save Dave from DHL in her phone contact list.

Fashion Icons at a Young Age

The Olsen twins weren’t only nourishing their acting career while they starred in “Full House” as they blossomed in the fashion industry before even reaching their first birthday. During their days in the crowded house, the girls were dressed in no less than Chanel and Marc Jacobs.

We are not sure if these overpriced (yet beautiful) clothes were donated to the show or bought by a stylist. Either way, they turned these cuties into even more adorable babies.

Talk About Taking Chances

When Mary-Kate married in 2015 things had to be kept quiet. There were only 50 guests invited and things had to happen under the radar. The newlyweds insisted on taking no chances and alongside the gift wish list, they sent out a leave-at-entrance-list.

As if it wasn’t expected. We don’t understand why some of the 50 lucky ones raised their brow when they were asked to hand in their cell phones before showing their jig on the dance floor. There was no way Olsen was taking any chances. She didn’t want any of her wedding photos scattered all over the place. If you wanted to see her getting married, you would have had to pay for it.

To Each Their Own

So what’s your weird habit? Chewing on your drinking straw? Always wearing two pairs of socks (some people do that)? Biting your nails? Celebs are no exception. They too have their own closet secret and are not embarrassed to share them with us. Mary-Kate has a weird habit of walking around her house in her high heels. Only her high heels.

In one interview held in 2007 she said that as long as the curtains and blinds are securely in place, she enjoys the freedom of walking around the house in her birthday suit being a few inches higher. A bit odd for someone who is surrounded by fashion all the time.

A Norwegian Success

The Olsen twins are huge in the States. They are massive in the UK and are very successful in many other countries. For some reason, they have made it big in Norway too. Something about them captured the nordic hearts. The Olsen family is of Scandinavian descent and their appearance for sure could pass as Vikings’. In 2013 Mary-Kate and Ashley launched a new fashion line in collaboration with Bik-Bok, a huge Norwegian brand.

The inspiration for the collection was driven by the girls’ American fashion language with a Scandinavian touch that suited the local audience. For the promotion event, the two went back to their blond roots. They must have blended in easily with the locals.

A Play on Words Can’t Get Better Than This

We assume you are going to verify this one but believe us, the next bit of information is genuine. We checked a number of sources before putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). For years, people have wondered if only Mary-Kate has a second name. The truth is, they both have. Ashley is Ashley-Fuller Olsen.

What we find spectacular about this is the “Full House” sequel series was named “Fuller House” and the fact that Ashley’s sister Mary-Kate had eating habit issues making Ashley the… fuller… twin. We too don’t blame her for dropping it.

You Can’t Hide Forever

When “Full House” first aired the production didn’t want the viewers to know that the character of Michelle was played by two babies. For some reason, it had to be kept a secret and the show’s crew was sworn to secrecy. The show credited the twins as “Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen” supposedly being one individual.

It was not long before the secret was revealed. The production had to explain the reasoning behind employing such a young actor for so many hours and 19 episodes into the show, the credits showed a split-screen with both babies. Mary-Kate worked more hours than her sister as she was the calmer and easy-to-manage toddler.

City of Angles

You can’t just be anyone to star in a video clip of your favorite band. The least you have to be is Ashley Olsen. She is known for being a huge fan of rock music and especially the bands “Thirty Seconds to Mars” and “Counting Crows”.

In 2013 while “Mars” was filming the video clip for “City of Angels” they couldn’t go without a touch of glam. Amongst others, Ashley starred in the video and made one of her childhood dreams come true.

Following Your Favorite Smell

Sometimes we have information that we don’t really have any use for. The next one sums up this claim perfectly. Mary-Kate and Ashley share a lot of things and have more in common than you could imagine but there is one thing they are miles and miles apart and that’s their favorite smell.

Ashley has a fetish for the smell of popcorn. It must be the cinema popcorn and not the homemade stuff. Mary-Kate, on the other hand, can’t resist the smell of fresh ground coffee. Which do we prefer? Cinema popcorn for sure.

Two of a Kind

“Full House” wasn’t the only TV show the twins were on. In 1998, three years after “Full House” aired its final episode, ABC launched a new TV sitcom starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen alongside less familiar actors. The production believed that they could ride on the success of  “Full House” but soon enough the show turned into a disappointment and was dropped after one season only.

“Two of a kind” had too, a widowed father bringing up his daughters all on his own. The show’s storyline had nothing new or exciting and luckily enough wasn’t an influence on the girls’ careers.

Completely Off Social Media

If you have searched with no success for the Olsen twins on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you can rest at ease as the two don’t have accounts on either. They said that they have spent all of their adult lives trying to escape from the public eye and opening accounts would go against all they have been fighting for.

They insist on keeping their fans out and not even giving a controlled glimpse of what’s been going on in their lives. Paparazzi will forever follow and the flash will forever be there so the twins insist on controlling whatever they can. And they can.

Under the Knife

As if the two don’t have enough on their plate, in 2016, Ashley had a facelift that went pearshaped. Not only do neither of them need plastic surgery but to interfere with one’s face at such a young age? Anyhow, she went through the procedure and unfortunately had a bad reaction. Her face blackened and swelled up.

The condition she had is called necrosis. She eventually pulled through, her complexion healed and turned back to its natural tone but her face didn’t. Rumors say that both twins had face interference and by the look of recent images it looks as if they did.



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